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Table of Contents

Introduction - History and Causes of Hair Loss

  1. Introduction and Hair Loss Through History
  2. Hair Loss Through History Continued
  3. Understanding Hair Loss - With lists of facts and myths about hair loss.

Part One - Hair Loss and Hair Growth Information

  1. Background behind how human hair grows and is therefore lost
  2. Nutrition and its Effect on hair loss
  3. Types of Hair and How Hair Grows
  4. Reasons for Hair Loss
  5. Continued: Causes of Hair Loss

Part Two: Understanding Hair Transplants

  1. Background info and explanation of how the procedure works
  2. Hair Transplant History
  3. Modern Hair Transplant Techniques - How hair transplants are currently done.
  4. The Cost of Hair Transplants - A detailed look at the cost of a hair transplant surgery and the procedures for each cost.
  5. Hair Transplant Surgery Walkthrouth - Step by step introduction to the procedure and what will happen if you decide to get a hair transplant.
  6. The Hair Transplant Procedure - How it works and what exactly will happen.
  7. Candidates for hair transplants - Not everyone can get a hair transplant. Find out if you are a candidate.
  8. Finding a Hair Transplant Surgeon - A guide to choosing a good surgeon.
  9. Risks involved - See what risks there are to a hair transplant.
  10. Patient Expectations - See what to expect from a hair transplant.
  11. Special chapter for women on hair loss and hair transplants - Learn about some special things related to women getting a hair transplant.
  12. The future of hair transplant surgery - Should you wait a few years for a hair transplant for better technology? See what the future has in store.
  13. Conclusion and Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Resources
  15. Glossary
  16. References
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