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Hair Transplants and the Effects of Hair Loss

It has been reported that 3 out of 5 men will suffer from some degree of hair loss before the age of 50. Women are not immune either and 1 in 4 will experience thinning hair. After menopause, women become even more susceptible.

Although hair serves no vital function for health maintenance, it is often viewed as our "crowning glory." A full head of hair is synonymous with youth, beauty, vitality confidence—the same characteristics we wish to hold onto as we grow older. Hair loss can chip away at these important building blocks for self-esteem and self-confidence. As our self-image becomes more negative (due to hair loss), self-defeating depression can creep up on us, threatening our quality of life.

Some men have learned to accept and live with hair loss. Others choose to be more proactive and "do something about it." And when the media blasts images of the ideal woman with a beautiful mane, the psychological effects can be damaging to say the least.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

We are fortunate to be living in a time in which hair loss can be completely defeated. For those men and women who choose to take a proactive approach to solving hair loss, there are 5 mainstream treatment options.

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Propecia Finasteride (not for women)
  3. Dutasteride
  4. Surgery (flaps and scalp reduction)
  5. Hair Transplants

Other treatment options include several anti-androgens for women prescribed by their Dermatologists.

Of these options, hair transplants have the largest guarantee of replacing hair. Implanted grafts have a 99-100 percent survival rate. Hair transplants are also more effective in producing good results in the frontal and temporal regions then minoxidil and finasteride.

But used in combination with any of the above treatment option or used exclusively, hair transplants are an effective tool for reversing hair loss. For new-research we have released our brand new research. You'll find links to each section below.

Table of Contents

Introduction - History and Causes of Hair Loss

  1. Introduction and Hair Loss Through History
  2. Hair Loss Through History Continued
  3. Understanding Hair Loss - With lists of facts and myths about hair loss.

Part One - Hair Loss and Hair Growth Information

  1. Background behind how human hair grows and is therefore lost
  2. Nutrition and its Effect on hair loss
  3. Types of Hair and How Hair Grows
  4. Reasons for Hair Loss
  5. Continued: Causes of Hair Loss

Part Two - Understanding Hair Transplants

  1. Background info and explanation of how the procedure works
  2. Hair Transplant History
  3. Modern Hair Transplant Techniques - How hair transplants are currently done.
  4. The Cost of Hair Transplants - A detailed look at the cost of a hair transplant surgery and the procedures for each cost.
  5. Hair Transplant Surgery Walkthrouth - Step by step introduction to the procedure and what will happen if you decide to get a hair transplant.
  6. The Hair Transplant Procedure - How it works and what exactly will happen.
  7. Candidates for hair transplants - Not everyone can get a hair transplant. Find out if you are a candidate.
  8. Finding a Hair Transplant Surgeon - A guide to choosing a good surgeon.
  9. Risks involved - See what risks there are to a hair transplant.
  10. Patient Expectations - See what to expect from a hair transplant.
  11. Special chapter for women on hair loss and hair transplants - Learn about some special things related to women getting a hair transplant.
  12. The future of hair transplant surgery - Should you wait a few years for a hair transplant for better technology? See what the future has in store.
  13. Conclusion and Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Resources
  15. Glossary
  16. References

Hair Loss Research

See our new research on hair transplants! The research covers the hair transplant procedure step by step, the risk factors, expectations, the history, and the future of hair transplants!

Click here for New Research on Hair Transplantation

21st Century Hair Transplants

Choosing to undergo a hair transplant procedure is not one a man or woman comes to lightly. The possible outcome and costs are just two of the main factors behind having a hair transplant procedure done. Please click on the picture of the hair transplantation diagram below to get a good overview of how the hair transplant procedure is done.

Hair Transplantation Diagram

Art by Catalin Lupu

Hair transplant surgery has improved tremendously over the last 20 years and the days of hair plugs with "barbie-doll" hair results are long-gone and remain a part of hair transplant history.

"…the age of single hair, micro-, and mini-grafting has arrived. Through the use of these variable sized hair grafts, along with new and improved instrumentation, the accomplished hair transplantation surgeons can create a natural hair appearance that is appropiate for each individual." - International Society of Hair Restoration Sugery

Content Features

Articles on Hair Loss

Our newest articles are here. They will give you a great overview of causes, effects, and methods of dealing with hair loss. If you are new to studying hair loss start with these. Then move on to our new-research hair loss research (link is above). Then you can move on to our prevention research below. Finally, we have articles for specifics and some example galleries of hair transplants listed below.

Hair Transplant Help Desk was created for those who suffer hair loss and are considering a hair transplant. Here, you will discover the true causes of hair loss in men and women. You can learn how most hair transplant procedures are performed, what the recovery involves and view ourphoto gallery of previous hair transplant patients.

After reviewing this helpful information, if you have decided a hair transplant is for you, your next step is to find a doctor.Ten questions and 10 Red Flags were two pages we assembled to help you with your decision process.

Once you've learned more about hair loss and hair transplantation, how will you pay for your procedure? Will you need help? Ourhair transplant financing page will show you what your costs could be and displays a chart showing what your actual monthly payments might be. You will also find links to credit card seach companies and a reputable plastic surgery financing institution.

Hair transplant surgery is made easy with the help of Hair Loss Specialists. Find out about hair restoration options and hair transplant centers near you.

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Hair Transplant Help Desk was founded in June, 2001 and with our revised edition, we are working hard to fulfill our goal of public education. We will continue to post new and important information as it becomes available.

If you have suggestions for new content that will benefit others, please do not hesitate to contact us

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